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BingoLottoFun is an online Fundraiser Manager.

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Use BingoLottoFun to cut out the time it takes to manually verify your supporter’s numbers after each draw.
BingoLotto is a system of raising funds for you or your child’s club/sports activities. Your members purchase lines to match your local lottery. Once you’ve reached your fundraising goal, you start the process of entering lottery draw numbers.


Everybody knows how to play bingo and everybody knows how to play the lottery. Combine the two and you get BingoLottoFun, the ideal online way to raise funds for your organization!! In addition to being Profitable, imagine fundraising that is Interactive, Fun, but most of all Inexpensive and Easy! Imagine no more as BingoLottoFun provides you with a simple-to-sell fundraiser that will help your cause and entertain your supporters!

BingoLottoFun lets your participants use their favorite lottery numbers to play bingo for cash prizes, while allowing them to see their progress in the race to the finish Online!



200 lines $35.00
additional 100 line blocks $12.00

You first must purchase 200 lines. Additional blocks of 100 lines will cost $12.00 each.
Once you start the game, you lose all unused lines. Any unused lines cannot be transferred over to other games.

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You have 15 children on a Team. You purchase 300 lines at $47.00, which will give each child 20 lines to sell. We suggest you sell each line at $5.00.

Sell 300 lines @ $5/line $1,500.00
Your cost $47.00 ($35 for 200 lines, plus $12 for an additional 100 lines)
Prize money $500.00
You Raise $953.00


Do I need a lottery license?
You should verify lottery license requirements with your municipal, state/provincial or federal office

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